We Are Studio Coalition

An Imagemaking Collective Specializing in Design, Motion, and Photography

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With a focus on straightforward and intentional design, we make brands come to life and speak clearly with their customers.

We combine efficient and methodical process with our creative passion to produce exciting and engaging motion graphics and videos.

We specialize in creating stimulating and thoughtful imagery that turns heads, evokes emotion and drives action.

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  • "Studio Coalition's creative work clearly captured the theme, brand, and energy of motionball and our Victory Gala. Studio Coalition's branding was key in conveying a consistent message before, during and after the incredibly success event. Their visual campaign of the motionball Calgary Gala greatly refined our reputation of being "the young professional" charity event of the year."

    Paul Horton - Director of Motionball Calgary

  • ""Working with Studio Coalition has been a tremendous asset to our organization. Their professionalism, creative direction and talent has been instrumental in helping us to grow urban culture, spread knowledge about our causes and create awareness about local talent within our city."

    Kara Chomistek - President of PARK Calgary